"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."
"The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart."
"Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy-tale."
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Ask the experts

Music Wedding Videos

Q Do you recommend couples to have a video of their big day?
A Many people are still under the misconception that wedding videos are on for far too long and are filmed by your uncle on a shaky camcorder. This is definitely not the case these days with the superb technology and creative people within the wedding industry.
 Your wedding day can now be filmed more or less whichever way and style you want, containing whichever content. For example, we turn the whole day in to a music video with a duration of 5-6 mins that you can pop on facebook and Youtube. If that is too short for you, you could get it filmed in super 8mm, recreating a vintage look compliments your wedding style. If your main concern is having a videographer there all day and getting in the way, then why not hire the cameras and shoot it yourself? There are companies out there that will edit it for you. This is particularly good for getting the real person in front of the camera if it is a friend or family member behind it.
There are many ways you can relive your special day but heed warning! There are still companies out there that do not fulfill their promises. Always make sure that you get to look at their portfolio beforehand. I also always advise to meet up with them at the earliest convenience too, we will be spending the day with you so you need to feel comfortable and at ease. Happy hunting guys and please let me know of other novel ways of getting your day etched in to history



Keylight Photography

Q How do you know who is a real Wedding Photographer and who is not?
A These days there are many new photographers who have started due to job losses and in obtaining a good digital camera, they consider themselves professional.  The best way to find a real one is to start at the MPA database.  I am a fully-qualified Master Photographer of Weddings and with 18 year’s experience and around 900 Weddings photographed, it is easy for me to demonstrate my credentials.  Find a photographer that can show at least 100 real weddings and a minimum of five year’s experience and you should be OK.  The more transparent and flexible the photographer, the better.  I run Keylight like an open book and thousands of customers visit my Facebook page where everything I do is visible. Demonstrating un-edited images is also important, with many only showing heavily recovered Photoshopped photos.


Stephen Bishop Suiting

Q I am looking for some suits for myself and my groomsmen, we are looking for something unusual, bespoke but distinguished, what can you suggest?
A The term “unusual” is very broad. Is it a bright pink suit with polka dots or something classy with a twist? If the latter how about my Tailcoat designed with a Shawl (Tux) collar. This look is definitely Formal but with a twist. If it is a lounge suit that you are after then what about a tonic, almost Mod like suit with satin lapels and funky lining. A cross between old and new, Formal suit and tux, this style would be classed as different. Beware though, unusual might suit you but it may not suit all of your groomsmen.


Marriott Forest of Arden

Q I am planning my own wedding and finding it quite stressful, do you have someone on site who could help assist me with the wedding planning?
A Every wedding day should be special and a day to remember. It should also be a celebration you enjoy, from start to finish. It’s all about the planning, if you can agree your time line from the start everything should slot into place.
Once you have chosen the date, booked the venue and church (if applicable) the rest is easy, and fun too! Allow some time for you and your partner, go to the gym together or a simple walk. You have all your friends and family around to help be creative and think of ideas, most importantly your Mums (there are two now), Maid of Honours and Best Men, not forgetting your Fiancé, keep them involved and use them to your advantage with cutting, sticking and traipsing around the shops to find what is right for your special day.
Plan to finalise your menu, drinks packages and numbers a month before  so you can leave the last few weeks to concentrate on the final touches for your wedding party and your outfit and hair and make-up, you will look perfect and be relaxed too!